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The British have always been fond of fully equipped kitchens. English kitchens are famous for crowding objects and decorations.
Although the furniture occupies almost the entire length of the wall, the applied colors remain very important.

One of the most commonly used shades in the English style is the Green Tierra 1924V5G (50). Green fits wonderfully in the kitchen, exudes freshness and gives the space a personality. The advantage of this color is that it matches almost any furniture (from white to dark shades of brown).

Tierra green can combine very well with shades of imperial purple and coral red. These colors will liven up the kitchen and add a touch of cheerfulness and freshness to the room.
Add accessories too! You can opt for decorative vessels or wooden shelves, painted in the shades above.

Tips and ideas:
• If space allows, place a functional table in the center of the kitchen. This is widespread in England, often having the sink built into it.
• Copper objects give a very chic look to the room, especially if they are exposed near the tierra green wall.
• To brighten up the space and create a serene atmosphere, use colorful patterned drapes on the table top.

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