A very important aspect is and they are grateful

A home in the care the furniture is crowded will not look great even if the space is generous. If there is a small house, this aspect has to worry even more. The solution is easier, maybe more mobile, and we can only choose important payments. For example, in the bedroom, a large and comfortable bed is the important and dominant element. Instead of a cupboard, however, you can work out solutions like a dressing with mirrors, only caring that it will save storage space, but it will allow you to have even bigger room impressions.

Also, the multifunctional furniture, the care of the pads can be moved or the fold is ideal for small rooms.

Storage rooms
Wrap around, storage space inside small size can be used when tricks can be used:

Bed with storage space in the bedroom
A bed with storage space can help you “hide” so well and save space in the bedroom
The bed with storage space is a big plus. The space under the bed can be clearly generous, but also easy to hide.
If the house is an interior staircase, the space below it can be used as a closet. This way you can remove the hanger from the equation.
Uses vertical space. Hanging cabinets and shelves are helpful and help you release power, thus creating the idea of ​​space.
Fill small spaces or dark corners of the house with cabinets, shelves and so you can free up the central area of ​​the rooms.
Storage space with drawers, under wooden interior staircase
The space under the interior stairs can be used very easily, for storage of shoes, for an object or for other objects
A very important aspect is and they are grateful. Because the floor and actions cover most of the rooms, it can provide added attraction and dynamism.

If it is possible to match, give extra light and without space. Thus, a parquet is light in color, white or in shades of light gray, it can provide additional room brightness.

Once it is possible for the interior to release warmth and elegance, then a wooden parquet is needed. Warm and natural wood is possible wherever it exists and in any décor, and in the Tarkett collection you will be able to see collections of wooden parquet, in many patterns and shades. At this point, you need to decorate your care and your fingerprint and take care to represent your true selves, to be able to offer the Performance Fashion collection, a natural wood parquet, to make sure you are the object of any design in your brain. .

Preferably it is a parquet floor, beautiful and elegant, the solutions are very different here. For light, warm and gentle shades, perfect for a small home, to offer the Navigator 1233 collection, but also Lamin’Art 832.

Trick for installing parquet in small boxes
The color and texture are sufficient for a space obtained. Mounting is also extremely important. The installation of the parquet floor must be carried out following the main light sources direction, for an amplified impression of space. For narrow rooms, the planks should align with the lungs of the space, regardless of the direction of light.

Tricks for extra space in case of small size:
Mirrors help visual expansion of space. You can opt for vintage mirror or mirrors to make it easy to make wardrobe
A color stain will drive away monotony and can add extra dynamism to the space. A colorful wall, in contrast to room cameras, will distract the viewer from the actual size of the room
Choose to highlight a piece of furniture in style and trends during 2019, which can be a wall or a carpet, so you can provide extra agriculture so far.

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